Commercial Services

Environmental issues in commercial buildings affecting indoor air quality can be a serious problem. Mold, contamination can develop due to leaks, air circulation issues, lack of ventilation, construction defects, floods or existing problems. If left untreated, mold can create health issues, increase occupant sickness and effect overall work production and become a liability risk. Mold liability is real, and we understand your responsibility to your clients, tenants and/or stakeholders. Our professionally trained staff will identify and correct your indoor air quality issues. In addition our other services which include asbestos and lead testing, water testing and air quality inspection will assist in keeping your environment safe and productive. Call our team today at 646-600-MOLD.

Mold can be prevented, treated and contained, even in large commercial facilities. Mold Authority is a leading environmental company serving residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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