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Mold, often called mildew, is a kind of fungus that grows both indoors and outdoors. Mold can be good for the environment because it breaks down animal and plant matter. Unfortunately, mold can also be harmful because it grows just about anywhere that moisture and organic matter are present.

When it accumulates on a surface, mold usually appears green, black, or blue. Generally, mold growth shows up wherever there is evidence of water damage or humid conditions. A leaky roof and pipes are prime suspects as are bathrooms, basements, and crawl spaces.

One of the main reasons that mold multiplies so quickly indoors is that it spreads as it releases spores into the air. As a result, mold spores indoors usually outnumber those outside. Unfortunately, mold can create problems for homeowners in towns such as Huntington, Syosset, and Port Jefferson  because many types can be harmful to people’s health.

While mold needs both water and organic matter to feed on and grow, it can also reproduce in a dust or dirt layer on top of inorganic surfaces such as glass or concrete. Even if there is no water source nearby, mold spores can still reproduce if the humidity levels tops 60%.

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Health Problems Associated with Mold

By the time mold is visible on wood or drywall, it is already a problem. Indeed, mold can lurk behind walls or duct work for a long time before it becomes visible. A high mold count inside your home can be dangerous because it can cause health problems such as sneezing and coughing; irritation to eyes, nose, and throat; recurring headaches; and rashes.

Mold exposure can be more problematic for people with respiratory problems like asthma or allergies. And if they inhale the spores into their lungs, it can even trigger allergic reactions. With prolonged exposure to mold, some individuals may develop more severe symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and bleeding in the nose and lungs.

Mold Remediation for Long Island Homeowners

At Mold Authority, our investigation starts with a visual inspection of the entire household from the basement to the attic including HVAC ducts and any other areas mold might be present. To find mold damage, we look for any moisture-prone areas or humid conditions. As part of our inspection, we take both indoor and outdoor air and surface samples and send them to the lab for testing. These tests can identify the type of mold, if it is toxic, and how much is present and why. We can then make recommendations based on these findings.

For homeowners in HuntingtonSyosset, and Port Jefferson looking for mold removal, our work is not finished until our clients receive a report from Mold Authority with the lab results, a plan for mold remediation, and general suggestions regarding preventive maintenance.

Although it is almost impossible to keep a home free of mold, it is possible to limit the spread of mold indoors by limiting the amount of moisture. A comprehensive mold inspection report from Mold Authority includes all the appropriate steps toward achieving that goal.

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