Mold Testing Services Jacksonville FL

Indoor air quality directly impacts our health and can cause serious health issues if it is not maintained. In fact, concentrations of many pollutants are often two to five times higher indoors than outdoors. To make sure your environment is safe for your family, Mold Authority does air quality testing to identify any problems. We will test for contaminants that may affect your breathing such as mold, asbestos, lead, allergens, bacteria, carbon monoxide and more. Whether it is your home, office, or an industrial setting, trust Mold Authority for your air quality needs.

Mold Inspection and Testing Services

At Mold Authority, we conduct mold inspection and testing to evaluate mold damage present in homes or buildings. As one of the most common biological pollutants, mold spores are present in outdoor and indoor environments. We start by looking for conditions that may have caused mold to grow, and then we identify areas that may need repair. Generally, mold growth occurs in areas of high humidity or water damage, such as a leaky roof or damp basement. In addition to taking pictures of susceptible areas, we also take samples for testing. Finally, we produce a report that includes a comprehensive evaluation of the home or building in question.

If left untreated indoor mold can cause health problems such as throat and eye irritation, coughing or wheezing, and other upper respiratory symptoms. It can be especially hard on people who suffer from allergies or other respiratory ailments such as asthma or emphysema. Our goal is not just to find the source of the problem but to provide a solution to eliminate it.


Pollen, pet dander, and other airborne bacteria can easily find their way inside your home and cause allergic reactions. And dust mite allergens exist in every home no matter how clean it might be. They also happen to be one of the most powerful of the biological allergens and can exacerbate asthma. If you suspect that you have allergens in your indoor air or carpets, Mold Authority can test to figure out which environmental hazard is present in your home. After we conduct a thorough test, we will provide a solution to correct the problem.

Water Damage Restoration

To minimize the effects of water damage on buildings and personal property, you need to act within the first 24-48 hours. If you have a natural disaster like flooding, Mold Authority’s experienced staff will immediately prepare a thorough and precise plan for a restoration team to follow. We will assess the water damage, perform moisture mapping, and help with your insurance claim to see the process through to completion.

Radon Testing

Radon, a known carcinogen, is an odorless, tasteless and invisible gas produced by the decay of naturally occurring uranium in soil and water. In a household or commercial building, radon gas exposure can cause major health problems. Unfortunately, there is no known safe level of radon indoors. The EPA estimates that about 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year in the U.S. are due to radon exposure. Because it is present in every type of building, the EPA recommends that Americans do radon testing every two years as part of routine maintenance. Mold Authority’s testing and remediation methods will detect any radon levels and provide an effective solution to the problem.

Asbestos Inspections

Because of the strength of its fibers, asbestos was used for decades in construction materials as both insulation and as a fire retardant. Although the EPA and CPSC have banned many asbestos products, it is still found in older homes in their pipe and furnace insulation, textured paints, and floor tiles. Asbestos can become airborne after materials are disturbed through remodeling activities. And unsupervised attempts to remove these materials can make matters worse by releasing asbestos fibers into the air in homes or buildings, thereby endangering those living or working there.

If you suspect a problem in your home or office, contact our licensed, knowledgeable staff for detailed, cost-effective asbestos identification and testing. At Mold Authority we give our clients the peace of mind of knowing that their project is being handled by a professional team with over 15 years of experience.

Lead Inspection and Testing

Before people knew how dangerous lead could be, it was used in paint, gasoline, water pipes, and many other products. Nowadays, lead is well known as an environmental pollutant. Nevertheless, humans are still exposed to lead in many ways: through air, drinking water, food, contaminated soil, deteriorating paint, and dust. Old, lead-based paint is the most significant source of lead exposure in the U.S. In addition to affecting nearly all systems in the body, lead can be especially harmful to fetuses and young children. If you are worried about lead exposure in your household, Mold Authority’s lead inspection and testing can identify any lead issues and recommend appropriate solutions.

Jacksonville FL Mold Inspection Service

Mold Authority provides indoor air quality testing to keep your family or coworkers healthy. Whether your problem is a biological, combustion, or chemical pollutant, or a natural disaster like flooding, we can identify the source and develop an effective strategy to reduce or eliminate harmful exposures. In Florida, we offer mold and air quality inspection and testing services in Jacksonville. If you live in or near the city of Jacksonville, contact Mold Authority to speak to one of our trained professionals about your air quality issues.