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May 8, 2022
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May 8, 2022

Debunk these mold myths once and for all

Myth 1: Mold takes a long time to grow

False. Mold can grow within 24-48 if both water and oxygen are present. Unaddressed water damage and leaks are perfect grounds for mold to take root. When water damage is suspected the faster you can take action the better.


Myth 2: If the affected area is less than 10ft I can handle the job by myself.

False. You should never assume you can DIY a remediation. There is no way to know the type(s) of mold present. By attempting to “remediate” or “remove” the mold by yourself you run the risk of aggravating the mold and sending in into a threatened state as well as accelerating the growth furthering the problem.


Myth 3: Removing the mold is enough and solves the problem.

False. Removing the mold is great but finding and fixing any underlying water issues is imperative. The only way to stop the mold from returning is dealing with any water damage, leaks and sources of humidity. As long as water and oxygen are present mold will return time and time again.


Myth 4: I can wipe away visible mold, as well as kill mold by disinfecting the area with bleach & other chemicals.

False. Wiping away visible mold growth virtually does nothing. Bleach is in fact water based so by using bleach you are essentially stripping the mold of its color while feeding it and mutating the mold with harsh chemicals. You are creating an entirely new problem. You can not disinfect mold or the surrounding area. Any attempts to disinfect a surface while organic matter is present will fail. Spraying disinfectant and bleach on mold is like pouring gasoline on fire.


Myth 5: Fogging is the same as remediation.

False. Fogging alone is not a replacement for remediation. Fogging does not remove the source of the problem and can actually leave behind mold’s harmful byproducts. It also does nothing to remove mycotoxins present. Fogging along a proper remediation is different than fogging alone.

Working together with trusted professionals such as Mold Authority is absolutely essential for a safe and effective remediation.


Written by: Alexandra DeLeon (@holisticallylexy)

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