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May 8, 2022
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May 8, 2022

Mold Lurking in Bathroom

Common items in your bathroom where mold is lurking, thriving, & harming you

  • Shower Curtain & Liner
  • Loofas, scrubbers, & other cleaning tools
  • Bath Mat
  • Bath Toys
  • Toothbrush & holder
  • Toilet Brush
  • Towels

Shower Curtain & Liner: 

Switch to a microfiber shower curtain you can wash regularly with non-toxic cleaner & EC3 mold solution. Water repellant fabric is crucial to decrease the areas where mold can colonize & grow.

Loofas, scrubbers, & other cleaning tools:

Replace your loofas, scrubbers, or cleaning tool of choice regularly. Make sure you are leaving these items to fully dry. Do not leave them in an area where they might retain moisture & encourage mold growth.

Bath Mat:

Switch your bath mat or floor towel for microfiber or best yet a dry earth bath stone. These are entirely non toxic, antibacterial & dry within minutes. Bath stones are more of an investment but discourage mold growth & all bacteria.

Bath Toys:

When shopping for bath toys for your toddler look for BPA-free, non-toxic & airtight toys. Rubber toys with holes allow water to seep in & very quickly develop mold. While playing your child is exposing themselves to the mold in these toys. Frequently wash, fully dry & replace toys as needed.

Toothbrush & Holder:

Toothbrushes serve as a reservoir for pathogenic bacteria. Not just mold but all viruses, bacteria, pathogens & even fecal matter. Studies show 100 million bacteria can lurk on your toothbrush. I personally use an electric toothbrush that has a UV base & I change the brush head monthly. Ditch your toothbrush holder for ceramic  one with a dry earth base or a UV base for daily sanitization.


For your towels you’ll want to switch to GOTS certified organic cotton or microfiber. Fully letting your towels dry before folding or between uses. You’ll want to wash these regularly with non-toxic cleaner & EC3 mold solution or your preferred mold reducing solution.

Toilet Brush:

Trade your plastic toilet brush for a non-toxic dry earth brush with replaceable heads. Plastic toilet brushes are covered in bacteria & toxic chemicals. They are messy, sit in a pool of chemicals & germs, drip, discolor, smell & encourage mold growth. I personally use Full Circle’s Scrub Queen Toilet Brush.

Seemingly harmless items like this could actually be hindering your progress and causing you to flare up or adversely affecting you in other aspects of your health due to hidden mold contamination. Keep these tips in mind and help prevent mold in your home.


Written by: Alexandra DeLeón @holisticallylexy

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