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Mold Detection & Removal Professionals

As a type of fungus, mold can grow both indoors and outdoors. While mold can be beneficial for the environment because it breaks down both plant and animal matter, it can be harmful for interior structures because it grows nearly anywhere that has both moisture and organic matter. Usually, it thrives in humid areas or where there are signs of water damage.

Basements, bathrooms, and crawl spaces are some of the most common places to find mold growth. A leaky pipe or roof can also harbor mold spores as well. Mold can also be a byproduct of a natural disaster like flooding. If a major storm deposits standing water in your household, mold can take hold very quickly without effective remediation.

Mold and Your Health

Once you can spot signs of mold on wood or drywall, you already have a mold problem. The difficulty is that mold may grow inside duct work or behind walls for a long time before you ever see it. An elevated mold count inside your house can lead to a number of health problems such as eye and throat irritation, wheezing or coughing, rashes, and recurring headaches. Things can be even more problematic for people with respiratory problems like asthma or emphysema.  At Mold Authority, our goal is not just to find the source of the problem but to remove it so it will not return.

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Lead Inspection and Testing

If you believe that you may have lead in your home or work environment, Mold Authority’s lead inspection and testing process can spot any lead issues and suggest appropriate solutions. For many years, lead was commonly used in products such as gasoline, paint, and water pipes before we knew how dangerous it could be.

Although it is now well known as an environmental pollutant, we are still exposed to lead in food, drinking water, deteriorating paint, dust, and contaminated soil. In fact, lead-based paint is the main source of lead exposure in the United States today. Not only does it affect nearly every system in the body, but lead can be especially harmful to developing fetuses and young children.

Water and Flood Damage Mitigation

Mold Authority’s water damage restoration begins with a visual inspection of the residence from the attic to the basement including HVAC ducts and any other areas mold might be present. After a home or building is flooded, we look at any and all areas that were exposed to water. Our inspection also involves taking outdoor and indoor air and surface samples to send to the lab for testing. The lab results will tell us what type of mold it it and whether it it toxic. They can also tell us how much mold is present and why. Mold Authority will then make recommendations based on these findings.

Mold Testing Service in Syosset NY

Homes or office buildings in or near Syosset in need of mold or water damage restoration will receive a comprehensive report from Mold Authority which includes lab results, a mold remediation strategy, and suggestions for preventative maintenance. While it is just about impossible to keep a home or office free from mold, you can reduce mold growth by limiting indoor moisture sources.

If you have any questions or concerns about mold growth, lead exposure, or water damage, call the licensed, professional staff at 646-600-MOLD and speak to one of our trained professionals about our mold inspection and remediation process. At Mold Authority, our clients benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a team with over 15 years of experience.