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May 8, 2022
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May 8, 2022

Mold and inflammation

Mold can be responsible for causing widespread inflammation throughout the body and can ultimately shut down communications between your brain and your mitochondria affecting your entire body.

The Mitochondria

The mitochondria are the powerhouse of all your cells. Mitochondria are responsible for basically all energy supplied for the cells – literally 90% of the energy. 1 single cell can have hundreds or thousands of mitochondria.

Your mitochondria will influence genetic expression, are involved in proper brain function, detoxification, regulate your immune system and encourage cell growth and multiplication especially when an organ is overburdened.

Mitochondria are delicate & heavily affected by unaddressed toxic burdens.

Dysfunctional mitochondria lead to dysfunctional tissue which leads to dysfunctional organs.

Sources of toxicity that contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction

• Mold & its harmful byproducts
• Heavy Metals – aluminum, lead, mercury, etc
• Glyphosate, Pesticides & Herbicides
• Breast Implants & Foreign substances
• Industrial chemicals
• Dental infection
• Fluoride
• Parasites

Common signs of dysfunctional mitochondria

• Sleep disturbances
• Lack of coordination
• Vertigo
• Food sensitivities
• Chronic Fatigue
• Brain Fog
• Trouble recalling & forming words
• Trouble concentrating
• Low Libido
• Kidney / Bladder pain / incontinence
• Joint Pain
• Chronic Sinus issues
• Much More

Mold affects us down to a cellular level affecting our mitochondria, our genetic expression, our organ function and our DNA.

Mold is generally everywhere. It can grow on any surface given the right conditions. It can grow within 24-48 hours and is microscopic to a certain point in time. Visual mold growth can indicate a much deeper problem. Mold can grow on basically every porous surface in affected environments. Every time you sit on a porous couch or mattress you are inadvertently sending invisible microscopic spores/mycotoxins/biotoxins and byproducts into the air. Every time you breathe in these invisible pathogens your body is being affected.

Mold affects everyone. Unexplained mystery illness and chronic symptoms plaguing you? Check your environment. Change your diet. Remove the toxic products from your life.

It is not always financially possible to remediate or move from the effected environment however; you may want to consider a partial remediation and cleaning of the adjacent affected areas to lessen the overall burden on your house. It is extremely important to understand that remediation should always be handled by trusted professionals and that proper removal of contaminated materials is the key. A common misconception is that we can “kill” mold and this is false. Using harsh chemicals and misguided attempts can in fact worsen your situation and increase your environmental exposure. Having a protocol made for your home’s specific needs is crucial to a successful remediation.

Written by: Alexandra DeLeón (@holisticallylexy) 

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